Thanks to the fantastic wrapper raylib-nuklear made by @[email protected], the Nuklear UI integration is seamless. I can't wait to test it out on some new tools!

I am working on Nuklear UI integration for zpl.eco2d. The end goal is to expand the dev tools with an Asset Inspector.

I plan to visualize how assets are used in a game since they are integral.

I rewrote the crafting system to now rely on our tick system, on top of that, crafting recipes can now provide the amount of ticks it takes to craft an item.

eco2d is a small 2D sandbox game you can play in your browser. The desktop version also supports networked sessions using the enet fork we maintain. The game is not aware of any networking as it's completely isolated. There's a fundamental movement, crafting (WIP), and some vehicles you can drive around. All of this is powered by flecs and rendered via raylib, cwpack for data serialization, and zpl as an all-around c99 standard library.

Over time I will provide some development updates.

You can play it at:


zpl.texed is a cross-platform stack-based image generation tool suitable for prototyping textures with pixel art aesthetics. It offers a suite of tools to generate/blend/modify stacked layers and also provides an ability to export bespoke textures into PNG files or packed C header files (a header containing an array of bytes and various metadata).